Dice games or how to reinvent the classics

Yum and Yahtzee are classic games, but it’s easy to get bored of them. For the last couple of years great companies have started to reinvent the dice games with new and exciting rules.



This game from Gigamic is pure gold! The goal is simple : make as many points as you can. How? Easy, each score sheet as 4 sequences of 4 different colors. The red and the yellow ones start at 2 and end at 12. The blue and the green ones start at 12 and en at 2. During his turn, the active player rolls the 6 dices (1 green, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 yellow and 2 whites) and tries to combine a colored dice with a white one or combines the 2 whites to cross off a number in one of the sequences. But here’s the kicker, when you cross off a number, for example, the 10 of the 12 to 2 sequences he cannot go back to cross off the number 12 or 11.  The trick is to know when to take a chance!

Capture d’e´cran 2015-04-09 a` 14.31.23.pngCapture d’e´cran 2015-04-09 a` 14.42.15.png


       In this game the goal is to eat the herd of animals of the other players to eleminate them. At the begining of a game each player receives 6 dices on which you can see : chicken, goat, bull, the eyes of the creature and a pair of chickens. All the players roll their dices simultaneously. Then the designated first player analyze his dices. Depending of the number of Chupacabra the player has rolled he can eat different animals. To eat 2 chickens you need 1 Chupacabra, for a goat it’s the same. But for a bull you need 2 Chupacabras. If the number of animals that compose the herd goes up, you’ll need more Chupacabras.

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